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A circular economy company providing holistic and regenerative solutions

at the intersection of materials, chemicals and energy production

The modern economy is powered by a vast and complex flow and industrial transformations of materials, chemicals and energy. The effective and efficient management of these resources at all levels (local, regional, national and global) is imperative for creating a sustainable, resilient and regenerative industrial economy.


MCE Nexus provides a permaculture-inspired approach specially adapted for today’s industrial materials, chemical and process engineers to enhance the sustainability of manufacturing, processing and energy industries.

MCE Nexus is committed to helping businesses and regional organizations to achieve zero waste goals. MCE Nexus provides holistic and integrated solutions for optimizing industrial materials, chemical and energy processes according to the 4D Materials Stewardship principles – Durable service, Diversion of Waste, Design for Multiple Lifecycles and Dematerialization.


MCE Nexus can help clients develop green chemistry processes for their manufacturing pathways as well as find new value-added opportunities for by-product synergies and industrial symbiosis with local or regional partners.


MCE Nexus provides educational services to provide your engineers and designs with the permaculture-inspired mindset required to design sustainable industrial systems.

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